Crypto Countdown

Crypto week will kick off Tuesday with an early-morning Peterson Economic Institute seminar at which Managing Partner Karen Petrou will preview not just two days of big box-office hearings, but also the outlook for bank regulation in the wake of growing Congressional interest into what the agencies knew, when they knew it, and why they appear to have done nothing about numerous risks with far-reaching policy impact if not also cost to the FDIC – see Karen Petrou’s last memo for who’s involved and what’s at risk as well as the letter sent late last week by Sens. Warren (D-CA) and Smith (D-NH) picking up on it.  We will of course be watching and then analyzing the House and Senate hearings featuring FTX.  We know already that both sessions will be a wild ride into territory of considerable danger for Sam Bankman Fried likely of little consequence to the broader policy questions roiling the future of cryptoassets and the actual action Congress and key agencies will take to define it.