3 01, 2009

Becoming a Client

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becoming a clientWe are pleased in general to accept all clients for our Analytical Services. These services provide our best objective judgment on the content of federal policy and its impact on financial industry sectors. All information provided is protected by U.S. copyright laws, and Federal Financial Analytics will strictly enforce these laws. See copyright infringement policy

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3 01, 2009

Consulting Services

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consulting services

Our mission in all of our proprietary consulting: to ensure that clients become astute policy risk managers, able to spot emerging risks and capitalize on opportunities, just as effective credit- or market-risk managers do. Federal Financial Analytics serves as our client’s proprietary think-tank – providing advice as an honest broker based on an objective read of the complex financial-industry legislative, regulatory and policy environment to highlight risk, identify opportunity and ensure realistic, forward-looking strategic planning.

Policy risk is the risk that a change in law, rule or, sometimes, even the regulatory mood can affect the prospects for a line of business, a product or service, or even the relative competitiveness of different types of financial-industry charters. Like the other risks financial firms manage, policy risk can be anticipated, analyzed and averted. There’s also a positive side to government risk — often, one firm’s threat is another’s opportunity. Federal Financial Analytics does not itself conduct any lobbying activity. However, it provides analysis and advice for advocacy programs and works closely with the client to achieve the client’s goals.

Federal Financial Analytics’ proprietary advisory services include the following:

  • M&A Advice: Federal Financial Analytics has advised major private-equity firms evaluating financial-industry and bank transactions to ensure the deals anticipate not only traditional financial risk, but also those posed by changing regulatory, legislative and policy developments.  In the wake of the financial crisis, our practice has focused on strategic regulatory initiatives such as new orderly-resolution protocols and bankruptcy resolution, Basel III rules, Dodd-Frank changes
3 01, 2009

GSE Activity Report

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The GSE Activity Report, published as often as daily, tracks Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks. It also covers Ginnie Mae and the Federal Housing Administration. The government-sponsored enterprises are at a crossroads in terms of their future direction and the role they play in the nation’s financial system. GSE Activity Report is the only analytical service so objective that the GSEs and their harshest critics, as well as the government and investors, all rely on it. GSE Activity Report analyzes new law, pending rules and key financial data to assess the immediate impact of housing finance actions and the future direction of critical public-policy initiatives.

Sample of a typical GSE Activity Report

3 01, 2009

Financial Policy Archives

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The combination of the Financial Services Alert briefings and reports, the FSM reports, and the commentaries dating back decades constitute a proprietary database on federal financial policy issues that is one of the largest in the country. Clients can search the Federal Financial Analytics archive by keyword, topic or other search criteria to quickly get the background they need on a wide range of topics. We are big believers in the importance of policy research on product development, strategic planning and deal design, and our archive makes this research effective and efficient.

3 01, 2009

Financial Services Management

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Financial Services Management is the analytical resource for senior management. Sharp and concise, it provides detailed discussions of the implications of a wide range of federal actions. No other resource provides technically-accurate analysis combined with a sharp eye on the business impact of controversial and complex proposals.

As Congress prepares financial industry legislation, we analyze the bills, dissect major amendments, alert clients to emerging threats and opportunities, and forecast the likely outcome of committee or floor votes. When bills pass, we detail their implications sector-by-sector, as well as client-by-client. The same rigor is applied to regulation, with proposals analyzed in technical detail to highlight strategic decisions and final rules assessed for their strategic impact on different industry sectors and policy concerns.

The range of issues in Financial Services Management track those that senior management must cover — new capital rules, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act’s tailoring rules, charter enhancements, mortgage regulation and government-sponsored enterprises, corporate governance, changes to deposit insurance, the new big-firm resolution regime and many others.

Sample of a typical FSM

3 01, 2009

Financial Services Alert

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This analytical service is a battery of alerts and analyses that keep senior management up to the minute on federal developments that affect strategy and the bottom line. Consistent with all services from Federal Financial Analytics, they are objective and provide the knowledge base from which to act on rapidly-changing and technically-complex developments.  Together, these analytical services provide the facts and context to correctly interpret even the most complex federal actions and then to act on them in a way to keep a competitive edge.  Because U.S. law and rule now depend directly on global action, these reports also provide daily and in-depth coverage of critical developments in international finance like Basel IV reforms, cybersecurity rules, cryptocurrency standards, and AML/CFT developments.

Daily Briefing

Every day, our clients receive concise daily briefings updating them on key legislative, regulatory and political events affecting the financial services industry. They are a quick, but essential, read, ensuring that senior management misses nothing coming out of Washington that affects them.
Sample of a typical Daily Briefing

This Week

A weekly report not only looks back to the previous week’s events, but forward to forecast what’s next. Clients rely on these weekly alerts for a perspective on what’s happened during a busy week, and often use these reports as the basis of company briefings on federal issues.
Sample of a typical This Week

Client Report

These are in-depth analyses of key events. Published on an ad hoc basis, they guarantee that clients have not only the …

3 01, 2009

Measuring Our Performance

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Federal Financial Analytics’ code of conduct mandates strict client confidentiality. Our published client list includes only those that allow us to mention their names, and we never describe specific projects. We can, however, point to some measures of performance:

The average tenure for current information services clients is 9 years. Even as the industry consolidates, clients continue to find our information services retainer so valuable that it remains a continuing resource for senior management.

Our clients have prevailed in every M&A transaction that we have advised. Particularly in hostile bids, astute knowledge of key legislative and regulatory factors was essential. Others were first-of-their-kind deals, with increased political risk. All were done, however, as determined by the client’s CEO at the start.

Lawmakers and regulators at home and abroad rely on us for advice. They are so confident in our objectivity and discretion that they ask us to anticipate the impact of major decisions even when they know our clients may be dramatically affected by what they do. Clients similarly have confidence that our advice is based on our best judgment of what’s good for them, not what’s in it for us in terms of additional fees.

Federal Financial Analytics’ revenue continues to increase dramatically every year, based on continued growth in both information and consulting services.…

3 01, 2009

Selected Past and Present Clients and Subscribers

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American Bankers Association

American Express

Bank of America

Bank of England

Bank of Japan

Bank of Montreal

Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi

Bank Policy Institute

BlueMountain Capital Management LLC

Dart Management Limited

Deutsche Bank

Essent US Holdings, Inc.

Ernst & Young

Faegre Baker and Daniels LLP

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Housing Finance Agency

Financial Guaranty Insurance Company

Financial Services Authority

Financial Services Forum

Genworth Financial

Greenberg Traurig LLP

JP Morgan Chase & Company

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Mortgage Bankers Association

National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association

Paulson & Co., Inc.


Ranieri Partners LLC

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association


State Street Corporation

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd

The Clearing House Association LLC

Treliant Risk Advisors


United Guaranty Corporation

Vianovo LP

Wells Fargo

White & Case LLP





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