Global Inequality & Central Bankers: The Role of Monetary Authorities in Economic Equity

Hosted by Renita Young

Some have questioned whether central bankers – like the United States Federal Reserve – should get in the business of combatting economic inequity, and associated problems like the racial wealth gap and environmental injustice. Others have argued that central bankers not only have the authority to promote economic equity but that they should become more active in doing so. This remains a global debate. Join Rep. Gregory W. Meeks, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and central bankers from around the world as they consider how best to promote economic fairness and financial inclusion. Great discussion with William E Spriggs, Chris Brummer, Karen Petrou, and Renita D. Young on global inequality, central bankers, and the role monetary authorities should play in ensuring economic equity. Every year, Rep. Gregory Meeks examines progress we’ve made in closing the wealth gap – this year he took it global!