CBDC Said to Conquer Another Operational Hurdle
he BIS and Swiss National Bank today announced that “Project Helvetia” – their CBDC pilot – has so successfully handled an array of transactions as to prove that DLT can be successfully adopted across traditional financial products and services.

Dems Demand Still-Tougher CFPB Small-Business Anti-Discrimination Data
Senate Banking Chairman Brown (D-OH), Small Business Committee Chair Cardin (D-MD), and other senior Democrats today filed a formal comment calling on the CFPB to advance its controversial small-business reporting proposal (see FSM Report LENDING10).

Hsu Reiterates Case for Bank-Like Crypto Regs
Acting Comptroller Hsu today elaborated on the risks U.S. regulators have identified for crypto assets, reiterating the need to apply bank regulation to stablecoin issuers (see Client Report CRYPTO16).