FDIC Takes New, Unsurprising Direction
Upon taking office over the weekend, Acting FDIC Chairman Gruenberg released a new set of agency priorities.

Fed Lawyers Press for Regulated Crypto Prior to Payment-System Access
In sharp contrast to the economic and often then even theoretical focus of many Fed research papers, Fed lawyers last week released a note assessing the legal underpinnings of U.S. money and the issues they present for rapid evolution in tandem with increasing digitalization.

Toomey Heightens Raskin Opposition
Following up last week’s contentious hearing (see Client Report FEDERALRESERVE69), Senate Banking Ranking Member Toomey (R-PA) today sent Vice Chair-nominee Raskin a formal request for information on her relationship to a fintech company that unusually obtained a Fed master account.

Fed Reiterates Anti-DLT Construct for CBDC
As we noted last week, the FRB’s CBDC technology team known as Project Hamilton has determined an array of significant CBDC benefits but also found that DLT is not its preferred system infrastructure.

HFSC to Debate Stablecoins, Not Start Action on Them
Today’s HFSC staff memo makes it clear that tomorrow’s hearing will be a platform for both Congressional  — or at least Democratic — support for the PWG’s stablecoin report (see Client Report CRYPTO21).