Fed Closes Most Emergency Windows
The Fed this morning announced that it will continue its PPP liquidity facility until June 30, three months beyond its scheduled closing at the end of this month.

Fed Must Act Fast for CBDC, Against Stablecoin
Late Friday, a letter was released from Chairman Brown (D-OH) to Chairman Powell and Gov. Brainard strongly endorsing a U.S. digital dollar.

HFSC Dems Target Narrow Fixes for First Racial-Equity Hearing
Ahead of its hearing racial-equity later this week, HFSC today released a sweeping memorandum detailing barriers to capital, credit, and financial services faced by minority borrowers and communities.

Atlanta FRB: Electronic Payments at an “Inflection Point”
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta last week released a paper showing that, at least up to 2019, most Americans preferred cash over electronic payments in P2P payments.