Fed Analytical Framework Buttresses Incremental Climate-risk Action Framework
Buttressing the macroprudential approach to climate risk announced yesterday by FRB Gov. Brainard, a new FEDS Note outlines a cautionary analytical approach to measuring, anticipating, and mitigating systemic climate risk.

FRB-NY: SLR May Adversely Affect Dealer-Bank Intermediation
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s blog today tackles the SLR-critical question of why financial markets froze last March, causality that — if attributable — will affect the extent to which U.S. regulators decide to revise the SLR denominator and, if they do, get Congress to accept it.

Central Banks Told to Take Cautious Steps to Climate-Risk Recognition
Reflecting the caution epitomized in recent Fed comments, the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) today reported on the obstacles confronting incorporation of climate risk into monetary-policy operational frameworks.