BIS Study: Bank Rules Do Not Raise MMF Risk
A new BIS paper seeks to counter assumptions that post-crisis capital rules limiting bank market-making capacity exacerbate asset-management systemic risk, finding instead that bank rules reduce asset-management instability.

Fudge: No FHA Premium Cut on the Horizon
HUD Secretary Fudge today made clear that HUD will not in the near term reduce FHA premium pricing as many in the industry have urged.

FSB Continues Fast Track to MMF Rewrite
In remarks today, FRB Vice Chair for Supervision and FSB Chairman Quarles updated FSB priorities, the most immediate of which address NBFIs.

GOP Ramps Up Mandate Pressure on FSOC
Ahead of FSOC’s meeting tomorrow, senior HFSC Republicans today demanded that FSOC Chair Yellen ensure that any discussion of financial risks associated with climate change remain free from “political agendas.”