CRA Reform Still in “Soon” Timeframe

In remarks today, Acting Comptroller Hsu provided only a little insight into ongoing negotiations over a new CRA proposal, reiterating that one will “soon” be released.

IMF Warns of Payment-System Fragmentation, Dealer-Bank Commodity

The IMF today released more of its annual global financial report, going beyond the assessment of the renewed sovereign doom loop we addressed in yesterday’s FedFin alert to consider other financial-stability risks and call for quick action on a new fintech/crypto regulatory framework.

Fed Finds Nonpublic Prime Funds More Resilient

As the SEC contemplates MMF reform (see FSM Report MMF19), the Fed has continued to issue reports highlighting vulnerabilities that the central bank likely feels are only partially addressed by the Commission’s preferred liquidity fix: swing pricing.

IMF Calls for Fast, Tough Fintech, DeFi Regulation and Supervision

The IMF’s overarching financial-stability report not only deals with the structural risks addressed earlier today, but also those posed by fintechs and DeFi.  As presaged in its blog post last week, the report concludes that fintechs pose risks both on their own and to less technologically advanced banks, each of which requires regulatory action to prevent systemic risk.

Carstens Endorses Fed’s Cautious CBDC Stance

In a discussion about the future of digital money during the IMF annual meetings, BIS General Manager Carstens endorsed Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s cautious approach to creating a CBDC (see FSM Report CBDC10), citing the critical importance of reliability to CBDC success.