Brainard Furthers CBDC Work with Focus on Inclusion, Price Transparency
Following Chairman Powell’s announcement last week that the U.S. is on a cautious – but seemingly certain – path to CBDC, Gov. Brainard today made it clear that she sees significant CBDC benefits in areas such as inclusion and stability.

Brown Attacks Big-Bank “Tentacles,” Private-Equity Firms
Ahead of Senate Banking’s hearing with CEOs later this week, Chairman Brown (D-OH) described Wall Street banks as having their “tentacles” stretched into many pressing issues.

IOSCO Surveying Conduct Risks in Leveraged Loans, CLOs
Just as the CLO market reached new heights, IOSCO today issued surveys on conduct risks in leveraged loans and CLOs addressing conflicts of interest and misaligned incentives among participants in these markets.

Toomey: Fed’s Racial Justice “Activism” Outside Mandate
Continuing his criticism of what he calls Fed mission creep, Senate Banking Ranking Member Toomey (R-PA) today demanded documents from the Minneapolis, Boston, and Atlanta Federal Reserve Banks related to their increased focus on “racial justice activism.”

HFSC Turns to Lambasting Credit Reporting Agencies, Furnishers
Ahead of its Wednesday hearing examining consumer credit reporting, HFSC’s majority staff memo indicates that Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Democrats will emphasize reporting-agency conduct they believe violated the CARES Act provisions without identifying specific legislative remedies.