G7 Leaders Emphasize Big Goals, Also Tackle Green, Infrastructure, Illicit Finance
The G7 communique this weekend from the heads of state of course addresses top-priority pandemic, foreign-policy, and taxation questions, including also what has by now become boilerplate language about the importance of economic inclusion.

Anti-Bigtech Bills Pack Big Fintech Punch
Although aimed at bigger market and policy targets, the sweeping, often bipartisan bills aimed at giant tech platforms introduced late Friday will also have far-reaching financial-sector impact.

Senate Banking GOP Rejects Climate-Disclosures RFI
In a letter released today, Senate Banking Ranking Member Toomey (R-PA) led all committee Republicans rejecting SEC Commissioner Lee’s request for public input on the need for climate disclosures.

Fintech Task Force Highlights CBDC Infrastructure, Privacy, Inclusion Concerns
Ahead of its hearing on CBDC tomorrow, the HFSC Fintech Task Force’s hearing memo does not include any legislation on the discussion agenda.