SEC Climate, Human-Capital Disclosures May Skirt the Most Contentious Questions
In remarks today, SEC chairman Gensler provided far more detail on pending SEC-mandated disclosures addressing climate risk and human capital. Reflecting the President’s executive order, the climate-risk disclosures would be extensive but not necessarily quantitative.

BIS Affirms CBDC Benefits
The BIS today released its strongest statement to date on CBDC, unequivocally affirming that CBDC is likely to further the public interest. BIS General Manager Carstens has on several occasions argued that CBDC may improve public welfare, but only under certain conditions – i.e., that it be account, not token based, act primarily as a means of payment, and be small relative to the financial system.

Calabria’s Departure Imminent Following SCOTUS Decision
FHFA Director Calabria has already signaled his tenure as FHFA director is at an end after the Supreme Court today ruled in an essentially 7-2 decision that FHFA’s structure is unconstitutional and that the President must be able to remove the FHFA director at will.