Waller Aligns with FRB Opponents to CBDC
Widening the Fed’s divide on CBDC, Gov. Chris Waller today joined Vice Chairman Quarles in describing CBDC as a “solution in search of a problem.”

OCC Clears Path for New True-Lender Rule
Following Congressional revocation of the OCC’s controversial True-Lender rule (see FSM Report PREEMPT35), the Federal Register today includes the rule’s official rescission without insights into when or how the agency now plans to act.

CPMI Releases Ambitious, Albeit Ambiguous Work Plan
In a nod to increased transparency, the BIS’s Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure (CPMI) today released its first annual work plan.

First-Time OCC Bulletin Adds Supervisory Standards for SBA Exposures
The OCC today issued its first examination bulletin on SBA lending, making it clear that — no matter the SBA’s guarantee — national banks are to apply their risk-management and corporate-governance protocols to activities in this arena.