DOJ Interchange Comments Backs Away from Antitrust Demands for the Fed
After a barrage of industry protest, Ginnie Mae late yesterday extended the comment deadline on its controversial issuer eligibility RFI. This now runs to October 8.

Treasury Green MDB Mandate Presages Tough Admin U.S. Finance Stand
Addressing President Biden’s order, Treasury today announced new fossil fuel energy “guidance” for MDBs, that — should it presage ongoing consideration of standards for the U.S. financial sector — lays out a very tough stand against continuing support for “brown” entities.

GOP Tries Another Tack Against New Crypto Rules
Although a strongly-worded press release from HFSC Ranking Member McHenry (R-PA) and Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Thompson (R-PA) “instructs” the SEC and CFTC to establish a joint Working Group on Digital Assets, the Members’ actual letter takes a much softer stance.