Gensler Highlights Fair Pricing in Anti-Gamification Push
After issuing a digital-engagement practices RFI late last month, SEC Chairman Gensler today expanded his concerns to include ensuring fair pricing and eliminating what he called historical biases as he pursues an array of anti-gamification reforms.

HFSC Prepares Housing Infrastructure Push
HFSC majority staff today released the staff memo detailing the $327 billion package to be marked up on September 13 as part of the omnibus reconciliation bill. As anticipated, the package is almost exclusively housing focused, reflecting Chairwoman Waters’ (D-CA) belief that she has a commitment from the Biden Administration to address housing infrastructure in the overall spending packages.

FSOC Considers Risks It Dare Not Name
Although Members of Congress have long called for greater FSOC transparency, the Financial Stability Council again met today in a closed session.