NCUA Expands Credit-Union Market Reach, Flexibility to Exclude Certain Areas
Effective today, the NCUA has revised controversial rules making it considerably easier for federal credit unions to deem defined geographic areas with fewer than 2.5 million inhabitants as a well-defined community with a “common bond” for purposes of its operations.

U.S. Expands AML Regime to Banks without Federal Regulators
FinCEN today finalized a rule first proposed in 2016 imposing AML, customer due-diligence, and beneficial-ownership standards on banks without a federal functional regulator (i.e., private banks, certain trust companies).

Senior House Dems: GSEs Must Do Better on Diversity, Inclusion
HFSC Chairwoman Waters (D-CA), Oversight Committee Chairwomen Maloney (D-NY), and HFSC Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee Chairwoman Beatty (D-OH) late Friday highlighted GAO findings they say show that Fannie and Freddie have made insufficient progress on diversity and inclusion.