BIS Maps Worrisome Bank NBFI Exposures
Reflecting renewed efforts by global regulators to govern nonbank financial intermediaries (NBFIs), the BIS yesterday released a paper finding that cross-border claims on NBFIs almost doubled from 2015 to 2020, a six percentage point increase when scaled to total cross-border claims.

FRB Revises Info-Sharing Edict
The Fed today finalized rules governing access to confidential supervisory information with significant changes reflecting an array of commenter concerns about the extent to which this information could be shared by Fed-supervised organizations and/or come to be made public.

HFSC Plans Wide-Ranging FHFA Hearing
We will of course provide clients with an in-depth analysis of tomorrow’s HFSC hearing with FHFA Director Calabria.

CSBS Returns OCC Payment-Charter Fire
Mobilizing long-pending work to counter recent OCC efforts to establish national payment charters, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors today rolled out a single examination protocol across all of the states in which large money transmitters such as PayPal operate.

FDIC Premiums Stand As Is, IFRs Ratified
As anticipated, the FDIC board met today to determine how best to restore the Deposit Insurance Fund’s mandatory reserve ratio in light of historic deposit inflows earlier this year. The mandatory ratio is 1.35 percent and, while it stood at 1.44 percent last year, it fell to 1.3 percent at the end of the second quarter.

Down to Wire, CFPB Outlines Small-Business ECOA Options
Continuing its slow walk to controversial fair-lending disclosures, the CFPB today released an outline of proposals to fulfill requirements that financial institutions report data on applications for credit for women-owned, minority-owned, and small businesses.