Fed Acknowledge Climate Threat, Avoids Near-Term Commitments
The Federal Reserve today supported the most recent NGFS statement on global central-bank climate initiatives, emphasizing that the global statement allows each central bank to tailor its climate-risk efforts to its mandate and that the Fed’s mandate circumscribes efforts it recognizes to be of great importance.

Omarova Nomination Clears Formal Hurdle
Late yesterday, the White House officially nominated Saule Omarova as the next Comptroller of the Currency. As previously noted, we view this appointment to be part of a larger political negotiation over Jay Powell’s second term and the broader slate of Fed nominees.

Comment Date Set for FHFA Capital-Disclosure Proposal
The Federal Register today includes FHFA’s proposed capital-disclosure regime for Fannie and Freddie, with comment now due January 3. As previously noted, the proposed disclosures would better align the GSEs’ releases with those mandated for large banks, requiring transparency regarding standardized approach, operational, market, and leverage capital requirements.

OCC Climate Guidance Imminent
In his statement today supporting the NGFS Glasgow Declaration (see our earlier alert), Acting Comptroller Hsu expands on his comments about FSOC’s climate-risk report (see Client Report GREEN11).

Powell: Fed No Longer Contemplating SLR Rewrite
While FRB Chair Powell’s press conference today largely focused on the economy and monetary policy, he was also asked if the Fed still plans to seek comment on ways the SLR could be adjusted to increase Treasury-market liquidity.