BIS Research Survey Finds Few Structural, Policy Impediments to Fast-Acting CBDC
A new BIS paper assesses CBDC’s impact across the full spectrum of economic activity given the centrality of data, moving the research discussion beyond the “reserves for all” approach (i.e., FedAccounts) on which much public debate focuses. This work thus tackles critical privacy, competition, integrity, and stability issues largely left aside in the BIS’s recent formulation of retail-facing CBDC. Press today indicate that the French have given tentative support to a wholesale-facing CBDC even as they raise the questions this BIS paper seeks to answer.

HFSC Dems Urge LGBTQ+ Financial Guidance
Ahead of its hearing examining financial-inclusion barriers for the LGBTQ+ community, HFSC’s majority staff memo indicates the Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee will tomorrow debate draft legislation that would require federal financial regulators to issue guidance on LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Inter-Agency Treasury-Market Rewrite Takes Shape
Ahead of a conference next month, the Intra-Agency Working Group on Treasury Market Surveillance today set principles to guide further action to stabilize the U.S. Treasury marketplace.

Hsu Demands Top-Down Climate-Risk Management
Acting Comptroller Hsu today followed up last week’s announcement of near-term OCC climate-risk guidance for big banks with a set of questions he urges directors use to press senior management to action. Noting that directors should challenge any managerial confidence that climate risk is indeed being well addressed, the goal of this inquiry is climate-risk readiness by the end of next year.

Bowman Reiterates Need for Servicer Readiness, Regulation
Fed Gov. Bowman today told Fed-supervised mortgage servicers to prepare for increased operational risks as COVID forbearance programs wind down, warning that Fed supervisory staff are working with large servicers to ensure they are ready.