Clients may be forgiven for reveling in the breather they’ve had over the past few weeks.  Regulators, though, haven’t had quite so much free time with which to greet the return of spring – the next few weeks will see an array of initiatives that in the U.S. are intended to finish up the Dodd-Frank framework and on the global front are meant to present the fall G-20 summit with another check-list of accomplishments.  For all the talk that the post-crisis framework is all over but the shouting – or, at big banks, crying – 2015 will be another consequential one, with the schedule this year designed as always to get as many proposals out before the August doldrums so final standards can go under the Christmas tree.  So you don’t “read it and weep,” we here provide a list of some of the most important forthcoming initiatives on which advocacy should be well under way:
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