February 6, 2023: Concentration in Residential Mortgage Intermediation: Systemic, Structural, Market Integrity, and Consumer Welfare Challenges Posed by the ICE/Black Knight Merger
January 9, 2023: FedFin Issue Brief: 2023:  A Year of FinReg Finales and Congressional Compromise
July 6, 2022: FedFin Issue Brief: A Holistic Construct for Bank Regulatory Capital: How to Bring Order and Resilience from Complexity and Contradiction
June 10, 2021: FedFin Issue Brief: The Changing Balance of Power and Profit: The Realignment of Bank-Charter Options and Its Strategic Consequence
February 22, 2021: FedFin Issue Brief: The BigTech/Fintech Battle of 2021: The Policy Agenda and Its Outcome
October 26, 2020:  FedFin Issue Brief: Going Green: The Future of U.S. Climate Risk Financial Policy
September 29, 2020: Karen Petrou Comment letter on the FSB’s TBTF Reforms Consultation Urging Refined Analysis of Social Costs, Inequality Impacts
June 25, 2019: FedFin Policy Paper: Do Credit Unions Truly Advance Economic Equality?
February 4, 2019: FedFin Policy Paper on Big-Tech Finance and U.S. Economic Inequality
September 6, 2018: FedFin Policy Paper on The Risk of New-Age Fintech and Last-Crisis Financial Regulation
August 21, 2018: Karen Petrou Comment Letter on the FSB’s Infrastructure Consultation Calling for Coverage of Translational Biomed Research
September 18, 2017 — FedFin Issue Brief: The Fed’s Portfolio and its Economic Equality Impact
August 16, 2017 — FedFin Issue Brief: How to Regulate New Banks to Protect FDIC, Reward Investors
July 31, 2017: FedFin Policy Paper on U.S. Mortgage Finance and Economic Inequality
June 14, 2017: FedFin White Paper on The Value-Add of Advanced-Approach U.S. Capital Requirements
May 3, 2017: Paper Prepared Following IMF Presentation on How Central Banks Adversely Affect Economic Equality
March 17, 2017 — FedFin Assessment: The Strategic Impact, Political Consequences of an FHC-Heavy Regulatory Rewrite
March 2, 2017 — New FedFin Issue Brief: Tackling the Credit Impact of New Capital Regulation
February 9, 2017 — New FedFin Issue Brief: How U.S. Trade Protectionism Hurts Cross-Border Finance
December 20, 2016 — FedFin Analysis: The Impact of IOER – Why the FRB Pays Interest on Excess Reserves
October 13, 2016 — FedFin Analysis: The Perverse Impact of a Binding Leverage-Capital Ratio and What Should be Done to Fix It
September 30, 2016 — FedFin Analysis: How New Operational Risk-Based Capital Rules Could Increase Banking-System Operational Risk
September 19, 2016 — FedFin Analysis: How Accommodative Monetary Policy Combines with New Rules to Increase U.S. Income Inequality
May 18, 2016 — FedFin Analysis: The Cumulative Impact of New Rules on U.S. Monetary Policy, Macroprudential Regulation
February 24, 2016 — NIRP the Perp: Can the FRB actually Implement Negative Interest Rates?
January 28, 2016: Guiding Principles for FBO Operations in the U.S.
September 14, 2015: FedFin – Fall 2015 Financial Services Strategic Landscape

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