As Markets Thunder, FSOC Snores

Later today, the FSOC will open its sanctum for what promises to be a brief session of largely political theatrics.  One can only hope that the rarefied air of the Council’s closed-door meeting elevates actual action addressing growing signs of financial instability.  Sadly, FSOC’s record of timely intervention ahead of any systemic event since its creation – and I count at least four – is dismal as are the Fed’s see-no-evil financial stability reports.  As of this writing, the U.S. is on the precipice of another “dash for cash” and no one – not the bond market, mutual funds, MMFs, investors – has any sandbags at the ready beyond faith that the Fed will bail them all out all over again.  Loose lips sink financial systems, but lips that are zipped only because they have nothing useful to say do the same and then some.