Federal Financial Analytics’ code of conduct mandates strict client confidentiality. Our published client list includes only those that allow us to mention their names, and we never describe specific projects. We can, however, point to some measures of performance:

The average tenure for current information services clients is 9 years. Even as the industry consolidates, clients continue to find our information services retainer so valuable that it remains a continuing resource for senior management.

Our clients have prevailed in every M&A transaction that we have advised. Particularly in hostile bids, astute knowledge of key legislative and regulatory factors was essential. Others were first-of-their-kind deals, with increased political risk. All were done, however, as determined by the client’s CEO at the start.

Lawmakers and regulators at home and abroad rely on us for advice. They are so confident in our objectivity and discretion that they ask us to anticipate the impact of major decisions even when they know our clients may be dramatically affected by what they do. Clients similarly have confidence that our advice is based on our best judgment of what’s good for them, not what’s in it for us in terms of additional fees.

Federal Financial Analytics’ revenue continues to increase dramatically every year, based on continued growth in both information and consulting services.