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Gensler Stands by Climate-Risk Disclosures
In a Twitter thread this weekend, SEC Chairman Gensler pushed back at Sen. Warren’s (D-MA) criticisms that the Commission is moving too slowly on climate-risk disclosures.

Renew Attack on ERISA Waivers
Joined by Sen. Tina Smith (D-NH), Sen. Warren (D-MA) has renewed a longstanding Democratic demand that the Department of Labor deny ERISA waivers to large banks found to have engaged in illegal or unethical behavior.

SEC Wins a Big One
Making it clear that, despite GOP pushback, the SEC can and will go after crypto products, the Commission today reached a high-profile, multi-million dollar settlement with BlockFi Lending LLC that essentially prohibits its lending products and, by inference, any others unwilling to undergo protracted litigation leading to still more costly sanctions.

Hsu Targets Bank LMI Lending for CRA Push
In remarks today, Acting Comptroller Hsu stated that, while banks have done considerably better by LMI communities in recent years, deep gaps remain that, at least for Black households, may now be worse than ever.