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3 11, 2022


2022-11-03T17:15:32-04:00November 3rd, 2022|2- Daily Briefing|

Gruenberg Backs Bank On

In remarks late yesterday, FDIC Acting Chairman Gruenberg pointed to the importance of Bank On accounts to retain previously un- or under-banked households brought into the system following large government payments early in the pandemic.

ECB Presses Climate-Risk Capital Regs

Moving far ahead of the Fed, the ECB has announced strict plans to ensure that EU banks not only improve governance and express climate-risk stress testing, but also hold sufficient internal-capital allocations for physical and transition risk.

Data Standard-Setters to Come Under CFPB Regs

In remarks late yesterday updating the CFPB’s open-banking rulemaking efforts, Director Chopra indicated that the new consumer-data rules (see forthcoming in-depth FedFin report) will also address   how best to set public and private-sector standards to ensure industry-wide fairness and access to critical infrastructure.

IMF Climate-Risk Priorities Include GSIB Buffers

The IMF’s Deputy Managing Director Bo Li today set priorities for central banks and bank regulators addressing financial-system climate resilience.


5 04, 2022


2023-03-27T12:44:22-04:00April 5th, 2022|2- Daily Briefing|

HFSC Set to Quiz Yellen on Sanctions, Global Finance

As anticipated, the HFSC memo ahead of tomorrow’s hearing with Secretary Yellen highlights many pending bills designed to increase sanctions against Russia and Belarus, as well as the companies, oligarchs, and others affiliated with them or found to be acting on their behalf.  The memo includes not only a thorough compilation of bills to which we have alerted clients since the invasion began, but also a draft measure to bar an array of investment-banking or brokering activities related to Russia-based or -related obligations regardless of currency and to prohibit any such securities in investment funds.

IMF Official Urges Caution on CBDC Adoption

Bo Li, Deputy Managing Director at the IMF, urged caution today at an East African Finance Conference about building central bank digital currencies, referencing the findings of an IMF study on CBDC pilot programs.

Waters Demands Racial-Equity Action

As anticipated, the HFSC’s Oversight Subcommittee hearing on reparations featured considerable criticism of the financial services industry.  Most notably, Committee Chairwoman Waters (D-CA) said that some banks that provided loans to finance the purchase of slaves are still in operation, solely singling out JP Morgan. She also stated that she was looking forward to discussing the actions of the financial industry and how it will remedy the lingering effects of profiting from slavery.


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