2023-05-26T10:56:42-04:00November 16th, 2021|2- Daily Briefing|

Basel Proposes Global Climate-risk Management, Supervision Principles
As anticipated, the Basel Committee today proposed climate-risk management and supervision principles sure to guide both the Fed and OCC, even in just proposed form, as the U.S. agencies finalize near-term U.S. guidance in this high-priority arena.

FRB-NY Staff: U.S. Banks Now Even More Resilient
A new post from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s blog assesses bank resilience through the pandemic, concluding that large banks are even more resilient now than before thanks to post-2008 rules and post-2020 market backstops.

HFSC Republicans Condition CBDC on Stablecoin, Private Sector
HFSC Republicans have now laid out their principles for any U.S. CBDC, demanding that any Fed-issued CBDC maintain the U.S. Dollar’s reserve currency status and the U.S. payment system’s preeminence.

Senate GOP Tackles USPS Banking Pilot Program
Senate Banking Ranking Member Toomey (R-PA) today described postal banking as about the worst possible idea. Joined by other Republicans, Mr. Toomey wrote to the Postmaster General, questioning USPS authority to offer its recent pilot and challenging its mission-relevance.

CFPB Plans HMDA-Data Do-Over
Reflecting the President’s executive order on racial equity, the CFPB has now accelerated its fair-lending efforts with a request for views on how best to retool HMDA to better prevent mortgage discrimination.

FRB Presidents: Fund-Access, Financial-Literacy Improvements Needed
At today’s racism and the economy virtual event hosted by the Minneapolis Fed, FRB Atlanta President Bostic highlighted work by his Reserve Bank’s Special Committee on Payments Inclusion to show the Fed’s dedication in this …