14 06, 2022

FedFin On: U.S. Digital-Asset Framework

2023-01-27T15:30:30-05:00June 14th, 2022|The Vault|

After protracted negotiations and much public attention, bipartisan senators have introduced a far-reaching bill designed to encourage digital-asset use without undue risk to consumers, investors, or the financial system.  The bill decides most, if not all, of the outstanding regulatory barriers to digital-asset use in favor of digital assets and their providers.  Provisions in many cases go farther than public discussion has so far noted – for example, the measure not only expands the ability of digital-asset providers to reach retail and wholesale customers, but also gives them access to FDIC resolution without the cost of paying insurance premiums or coming under many of the rules that govern insured depositories…

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22 09, 2021

FedFin: How Discriminatory are Appraisals?

2023-08-03T11:34:11-04:00September 22nd, 2021|The Vault|

Getting a bit ahead of FHFA’s new equitable-finance mandate and its express demand for appraisal equity, Freddie Mac has released a detailed study of one of the most significant barriers to housing-finance equity: discriminatory appraisal practices that reduce the chances for wealth accumulation.  The study finds demonstrable differences in appraisals for like-kind homes that correlate strongly with race and ethnicity, but provides no guide to either causation or cure.

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