2023-08-01T16:49:48-04:00August 1st, 2023|2- Daily Briefing|

Curtain Falls on Fintech-Charter Hopeful

In a blow to the waning chartering prospects for fintech and crypto banks, the OCC today announced that Figure – a fintech platform that applied in 2020 for a strikingly-novel national bank charter (see Client Report CHARTER28) – has officially withdrawn its application.  As noted, Figure’s application followed OCC revisions to federal-charter activities making any activity authorized for national banks possible via electronic, not just traditional, means (see FSM Report CHARTER27).

Discount-Window Stigma Persists

The Fed today released the results of its May 2023 Senior Financial Officer Survey, with most banks continuing to fear public disclosure of discount window advances.  As noted, the banking agencies last week told banks not only to improve contingency-funding planning, but also to look more favorably on the discount window.  This seems unlikely absent a change in current market perception or repeal of the disclosure requirements.