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28 07, 2023


2023-07-28T17:05:25-04:00July 28th, 2023|3- This Week|

Few Surprises, Much Consternation

There is little in the new capital framework we did not forecast for new capital rules after the March bank failures (see Client Report REFORM219) and what we missed was later presaged in Vice Chair Barr’s recent speech (see Client Report CAPITAL228).  However, as we’ve also said many times, many devils lurk in regulatory-capital details.  We know the agencies’ capital-impact bottom line because the FDIC and Fed each outlined this at contentious meetings approving the proposal for public comment.  We also know that Republicans really don’t like the rule even if they haven’t read it and that key decision-makers – most notably Chair Powell – are hedging their affirmative votes for releasing the proposal with careful caveats of what they want to see in a final rule.  Thus, careful analytics are essential to effective assessments of winners and losers as a result of this complex package, especially if one looks – as FedFin will – at big-picture implications – i.e., those for the economy, financial system, and economic equality – as well as at sector- and institution-specific provisions not just in key asset classes based on specific risk weightings.


26 07, 2023


2023-07-26T14:30:18-04:00July 26th, 2023|5- Client Report|

FedFin Assessment: What to Watch in the Regulatory-Capital Rewrite

As promised, we plan in-depth coverage of the Fed and FDIC meetings tomorrow as well as of the capital rewrites they are set to propose no matter all the warning shots from Congressional Republicans.  In this report, we provide an overview of each of the rules the agencies will propose based on key issues in the Basel end-game standards they will finally advance.  We do not focus on details or how the U.S. may adapt these rules except where public releases have provided advance insight.  Instead, we highlight key issues to provide vital background and context of tomorrow’s actions as well as key decision points on which comment and political advocacy are sure to center.


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