20 09, 2021


2023-08-03T14:37:56-04:00September 20th, 2021|3- This Week|

A Powerful Push Towards a New Securities Regulatory Regime

Last week was an eventful one for U.S. securities regulation both through what was said and even more interestingly left unsaid:

What Was Said:  At his first hearing after confirmation (see Client Report INVESTOR18), SEC Chairman Gensler reiterated his far-reaching agenda, one then met by the increasingly-usual partisan acrimony.  As our client report makes clear, Mr. Gensler stood his ground on hot-button topics such as cryptoasset regulation, payment for order flow, retail-investor protection, climate-risk and human-capital disclosures, incentive compensation, and MMF reform.


14 09, 2021


2023-08-03T15:52:20-04:00September 14th, 2021|5- Client Report|

Gensler Stands Firm on Crypto, Climate, MMF, Gamification Rules

As is often the case, Senate Banking’s hearing today with SEC Chairman Gensler did not touch on the fixed-income structure questions highlighted in his written testimony even though these could be among the most consequential for long-term capital-market regulation and the balance between the Fed and SEC in this key arena.  Instead, the session focused largely on consequential hot-button questions such as the SEC’s plans for climate-change disclosures and cryptoassets.  Here, partisan differences were again on vigorous display, with the sharp divisions between Chairman Brown (D-OH) and Ranking Member Toomey (R-PA) making it clear that regulatory and enforcement actions — not statutory clarification — will set policy until at least the next Congressional election.


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