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12 01, 2024


2024-01-12T15:31:11-05:00January 12th, 2024|2- Daily Briefing|

Emmer, HFSC GOP Reintroduce FSOC Oversight Measure

Following a hearing earlier this week at which GOP Members reiterated longstanding FSOC criticism, House Majority Whip Emmer (R-MN) has reintroduced legislation along with ten other HFSC Republicans to bring FSOC under congressional appropriations.

HFSC Bipartisan AI Task Force Already Divided on Key Priorities

Reflecting growing concern about AI’s risks (see Client Report FSOC29), HFSC Chairman McHenry (R-NC) and Ranking Member Waters (D-CA) yesterday announced the creation of a bipartisan AI Working Group to be led by Digital Assets Subcommittee Chairman Hill (R-AR) and Ranking Member Lynch (D-MA).

House Passes Measures to Check Chinese Economic Power

The House today passed several bills addressing the role of China in IMF and World Bank policy and a renewed attempt to limit what many Members of Congress consider Chinese currency manipulation (H. R. 839).

The Fed Becomes a Big Loser

The Federal Reserve System today released its preliminary FY23 financial results, the first look into the System’s operating condition above and beyond its significant mark-to-market losses.


1 04, 2022


2023-03-27T13:38:11-04:00April 1st, 2022|3- This Week|


Later this week, Janet Yellen will testify before the House Financial Services Committee on the global financial system.  Typically, these hearings are sedate affairs at which Treasury Secretaries are grilled on Chinese exchange rates, foreign banks, the IMF and World Bank, and many other issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with global finance.  This time will indeed be different.


11 03, 2022


2023-04-03T15:14:45-04:00March 11th, 2022|2- Daily Briefing|

US, G7 Fragment Global Financial Construct to Sanction Russia

Heightening sanctions to a still more unprecedented level, the President has issued a new set of Russian sanctions and the U.S., along with the rest of the G7, announced today that both the World Bank and IMF will be pressed to deny Russia borrowing privileges, which are rarely – if ever – denied for overtly political reasons.


27 09, 2021


2023-07-31T16:11:17-04:00September 27th, 2021|2- Daily Briefing|

FRB-NY Climate Stress Test Reveals Large Capital Shortfalls
A new Federal Reserve Bank of New York paper proposes a climate stress-test methodology which, when deployed, finds significant systemic risk due to large bank capital shortfalls during periods of sharp transition risk.

Timeline Set for GSE Capital Rewrite
The Federal Register today includes FHFA’s proposed changes to the GSEs capital framework. As detailed in our in-depth report, the rule would actively promote CRT and rewrite the leverage ratio, making risk-based capital the GSEs’ binding constraint.

Gensler Ramps Predictive-Analytics Threat Up to Systemic Risk
Following his Senate Banking appearance earlier this month (see Client Report INVESTOR18), SEC Chairman Gensler today reiterated his focus on digital engagement practices (DEPs), warning that predictive data analytics could increase systemic risk due to increased data- source concentration, herding, and interconnectedness.

McHenry Attacks Treasury for “Social Agenda,” Warns of Chinese Threat
Ahead of Treasury Secretary Yellen’s appearance before HFSC this Thursday, Ranking Member McHenry (R-PA) blasted Biden administration financial policy on grounds that it advantages China at cost to U.S. national interest.


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