Progressives Push Fed on Climate Risk
A group of twenty-five progressive House Democrats led by Reps. Jones (D-NY) and Tlaib (D-MI) today sent a letter to Chairman Powell calling on the Fed to incorporate climate risk into its monetary policy and criticizing its “limited action” on climate issues.

FSB: Although GSIBs Not TBTF, More Resolution Reform Needed
The FSB today published the final version of its consultative report assessing whether large banks remain too big to fail.

FinCEN Begins Beneficial-Ownership Overhaul
Responding to industry demands for fast action, FinCEN today took a hesitant first step towards implementing the beneficial-ownership disclosures required by law late last year , releasing an ANPR seeking comment on all aspects of the new system.

CFPB Sends Servicers a Loud Warning Shot
Sending a warning ahead of forbearance’s end-date, the CFPB today made clear to mortgage servicers it expects servicers to dedicate “sufficient” resources to assist borrowers who remain in need of help.