Financial Services Management is the analytical resource for senior management. Sharp and concise, it provides detailed discussions of the implications of a wide range of federal actions. No other resource provides technically-accurate analysis combined with a sharp eye on the business impact of controversial and complex proposals.

As Congress prepares financial industry legislation, we analyze the bills, dissect major amendments, alert clients to emerging threats and opportunities, and forecast the likely outcome of committee or floor votes. When bills pass, we detail their implications sector-by-sector, as well as client-by-client. The same rigor is applied to regulation, with proposals analyzed in technical detail to highlight strategic decisions and final rules assessed for their strategic impact on different industry sectors and policy concerns.

The range of issues in Financial Services Management track those that senior management must cover — new capital rules, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act’s tailoring rules, charter enhancements, mortgage regulation and government-sponsored enterprises, corporate governance, changes to deposit insurance, the new big-firm resolution regime and many others. Tell me more-How to subscribe.

Sample of a typical FSM.