This analytical service is a battery of alerts and analyses that keep senior management up to the minute on federal developments that affect strategy and the bottom line. Consistent with all services from Federal Financial Analytics, they are objective and provide the knowledge base from which to act on rapidly-changing and technically-complex developments.  Together, these analytical services provide the facts and context to correctly interpret even the most complex federal actions and then to act on them in a way to keep a competitive edge.  Because U.S. law and rule now depend directly on global action, these reports also provide daily and in-depth coverage of critical developments in international finance like Basel IV reforms, cybersecurity rules, cryptocurrency standards, and AML/CFT developments. Tell Me More-How to Subscribe

Daily Briefing

Every day, our clients receive concise daily briefings updating them on key legislative, regulatory and political events affecting the financial services industry. They are a quick, but essential, read, ensuring that senior management misses nothing coming out of Washington that affects them.
Sample of a typical Daily Briefing.

This Week

A weekly report not only looks back to the previous week’s events, but forward to forecast what’s next. Clients rely on these weekly alerts for a perspective on what’s happened during a busy week, and often use these reports as the basis of company briefings on federal issues.
Sample of a typical This Week.

Client Report

These are in-depth analyses of key events. Published on an ad hoc basis, they guarantee that clients have not only the quick alerts they need, but also the detailed information on which to make knowledgeable decisions. Our reports distill the important statements made by the Fed Chairman, Treasury Secretary, Members of Congress and other decision-makers. They also look ahead, analyzing trends, anticipating changes or events.
Sample of a typical Client Report.