FDIC Seeks Views on Exam Revamp
The FDIC today requested input on its examinations during the pandemic, seeking views on matters such as whether its approach to off-site exams might be used going forward, looking for example at using technology to replace some on-site activities.

FTC Presses for Tough Fed Interchange Rule, Possible Expansion
Reflecting a concerted Administration position, FTC staff today followed the Department of Justice’s lead and filed a comment strongly urging final Fed action on a revised, tougher version of its debit-routing proposal (see FSM Report INTERCHANGE8).

Global Regulators Absolve ETFs
In conjunction with global efforts to reduce NBFI risk, IOSCO today released a report generally absolving ETFs of the need for any of the structural reforms now contemplated for MMFs and bond funds (see Client Report NBFI).

HUD/FHFA Anti-Discrimination Agreement Raises GSE, Counterparty Legal, Rep Risk
Reinforcing our forecast (see Client Report CONSUMER36) of tougher fair-lending enforcement, HUD and FHFA today released a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aligning policies in ways sure to accelerate FHFA’s new, far more stringent approach.