2 02, 2024


2024-02-02T16:21:33-05:00February 2nd, 2024|2- Daily Briefing|

Powell, Hsu Add to Pressure on SEC Crypto-Custody Standards

As we noted yesterday, Congressional Republicans are now mounting a Congressional Review Act effort to repeal the SEC’s staff accounting bulletin (see FSM Report CUSTODY5) requiring balance-sheet recognition of crypto-custody deposits at considerable cost to banking institutions.

Trump to Dump Powell

As we expected, Donald Trump today said that, if elected, he will not reappoint Jerome Powell.  This decision will not present itself to the next president until Mr. Powell’s term ends in January of 2026, but we do not think either of the candidates is likely to reappoint Mr. Powell should he seek a third term.

GOP Bill Challenges Capital Proposal

Echoing long-held concerns of other HFSC Republicans, Rep. Ogles (R-TN) along with Rep. Donalds (R-FL) have introduced legislation (H.R. 7143) forcing regulators to withdraw the capital proposal (see FSM Report CAPITAL230).

Senate Presses for Anti-Hungary Sanctions

In a statement that may lead financial institutions to review their exposures, Senate Foreign Relations Chair Cardin (D-MD) called on the Biden Administration to consider sanctions against Hungary due to its government’s refusal until late yesterday to support EU efforts for Ukraine and its broadly anti-democratic program in general and with specific regard to pressuring the U.S. and its ambassador to Hungary.

HFSC Republicans Take Another Shot at FDIC

Continuing their campaign against FDIC Chair Gruenberg, HFSC Chair McHenry (R-NC) along with Subcommittee Chairs Barr (R-KY) and Hill (R-AR) sent a letter today to the FDIC questioning …

13 01, 2022


2023-04-24T15:31:22-04:00January 13th, 2022|2- Daily Briefing|

CBDC Said to Conquer Another Operational Hurdle
he BIS and Swiss National Bank today announced that “Project Helvetia” – their CBDC pilot – has so successfully handled an array of transactions as to prove that DLT can be successfully adopted across traditional financial products and services.

Dems Demand Still-Tougher CFPB Small-Business Anti-Discrimination Data
Senate Banking Chairman Brown (D-OH), Small Business Committee Chair Cardin (D-MD), and other senior Democrats today filed a formal comment calling on the CFPB to advance its controversial small-business reporting proposal (see FSM Report LENDING10).

Hsu Reiterates Case for Bank-Like Crypto Regs
Acting Comptroller Hsu today elaborated on the risks U.S. regulators have identified for crypto assets, reiterating the need to apply bank regulation to stablecoin issuers (see Client Report CRYPTO16).


19 11, 2021


2023-05-23T16:14:33-04:00November 19th, 2021|2- Daily Briefing|

Congressional Democratic Leaders Advance Tough Small-Business Lending Standards

Senior Democrats in both the House and Senate have introduced legislation (H.R. 6054 and S. 3235) to apply TILA to small business financing, granting the CFPB the same authority for small business loans as over consumer finance.


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