2023-05-23T12:27:52-04:00December 14th, 2021|2- Daily Briefing|

Thompson Takes the Prize
As we anticipated, President Biden today nominated Acting FHFA Director Sandra Thompson to a full term.  We expect this appointment to be roundly praised by Democrats and community-advocacy groups.  It will draw GOP fire, but likely not serious enough to deter her confirmation next year absent any new facts.

RFI in Limbo, Substantive FDIC Decisions Up in Air
Although fireworks were anticipated at today’s FDIC open meeting, Board members kept discussion regarding the merger RFI to procedure before moving into an executive session at which the matter was surely debated.

OCC Restores Prior CRA Framework Over Industry Objections
Largely as proposed, the OCC today finalized its rule rescinding its controversial 2020 CRA rewrite (see Client Report CRA28) and reverting to the prior CRA framework.  The agency generally rejected industry arguments that recission is burdensome given that banks have already implemented the revised framework and expect soon to implement yet another revised interagency framework (see FSM Report CRA30).

FinCEN Slow Walks Structural AML/CFT Rewrite
As required by law earlier this year (see FSM Report AML133), FinCEN today issued an RFI seeking views on ways to enhance AML/CFT regulation.  We will shortly provide clients with an in-depth analysis of this RFI, which highlights the importance of a risk-based U.S. system that adapts to emerging illicit-finance trends.

IMF Demands Tough Rules for Stablecoin, Other E-Money
A new IMF blog post calls for comprehensive standards akin to those Democrats today demanded (see …