2024-05-14T17:38:28-04:00May 14th, 2024|2- Daily Briefing|

HFSC Set for Marathon Markup

According to the majority-staff memo released yesterday for HFSC’s mark-up on Thursday, the mark-up will focus on eleven bills including H.R. 8337, a new bill introduced by Rep. Barr (R-KY) which includes six previous bills.

BIS Advances Tokenized Cross-Border Payments

Advancing its general manager’s campaign to encourage tokenization, the BIS today invited private-sector financial institutions to apply to participate in Project Agorá, testing whether tokenized deposits could enhance cross-border payment functionality via tokenized commercial bank deposits and tokenized wholesale central bank money in a public-private platform.

Barr to Say Liquidity Regs Coming, Capital Standards in the Works

In the testimony he will present starting tomorrow, FRB Vice Chair Barr makes it clear that, despite the banking system’s current sound condition, banks and supervisors must remain vigilant due to emerging challenges such as CRE and consumer-debt risk.

Gruenberg’s Promised Workplace Reforms Set for Buzzsaw

Events late today surrounding FDIC Chair Gruenberg’s testimony indicate his going may be even stormier than we anticipated.

Hsu Focuses on Operational Resilience, Check Fraud

Acting Comptroller Hsu’s testimony says the banking system is sound, but also at risk of increasing disruptions with heightened impact due to natural disasters, geopolitical risk, and internal operational failings or poor risk management.

Fed, OCC Open CapOne/Discover to Public Hearing

The FRB and OCC today extended the public-comment period on the CapOne/Discover merger until July 24.