2023-12-01T16:39:15-05:00December 1st, 2023|2- Daily Briefing|

Barr Outlines Rationale for LCR, NSFR Rewrite

FRB Vice Chair Barr today reiterated his views that banks must be much better prepared to use the Fed discount-window, this time emphasizing that operational readiness entails regular testing of actual transactions at regular intervals as well as robust collateral pre-positioning.

Reed Presses Synthetic-Securitization Controls

Following his comments at recent hearings (see Client Report REFORM229), Sen. Reed (D-RI) late yesterday sent a letter to FRB Vice Chair Barr, FDIC Chair Gruenberg, and Acting Comptroller Hsu urging them to evaluate CRT transaction risk on financial stability grounds and, should they find an uptick in synthetic securitizations, request public comment on possible remedies to the risks Sen. Reed identifies.

Pending Veto, House Votes Against CFPB

As anticipated (see Client Report CONSUMER53), the House today voted 221 to 202 to authorize Congressional Review Act withdrawal of the CFPB’s small business reporting rule.

OCC Readies Research for Liquidity-Reg Rewrite

Likely readying itself for the raft of new liquidity proposals presaged in Michael Barr’s talk earlier today, the OCC today issued a call for papers on depositor behavior, bank liquidity, and run risk.