The FRB has finalized proposed capital-plan and stress-test standards for BHCs and certain other institutions with assets over $10 billion. Most S&L holding companies above this threshold now have until the 2017 cycle to come under CCAR and the company-run tests mandated by Dodd-Frank. Several other standards are also delayed for the biggest BHCs, but all institutions now under the capital-plan and stress-test standards will need to use more conservative capital assumptions as the 2016 round begins early next year. The FRB has not, however, made it clear how – if at all – it will impose capital-plan or stress-test standards on insurance companies under its jurisdiction. This final rule does not address whether the surcharge for U.S. global systemically-important banks (GSIBs) will be added to their requirements, but it notes not only that any decision to do so will be addressed in a separate rulemaking released for comment, but also that the FRB makes the most conservative assumptions in its supervisory test.  

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