Reflecting pressure in some nations for a cumulative-impact assessment of the post-crisis regulatory framework, the FSB has asked for views on an evaluation framework to assess the standards now largely in place under its purview for banks, insurance companies, and securities firms.  This inquiry is to lead to a “structured” discussion of the post-crisis framework under the Group of Twenty’s aegis following the G20’s July meeting.  The discussion would proceed along evaluation criteria proposed here and to be finalized in July, with the pace of research and the discussions based on them then likely to take considerable time before any revisions are proposed to the rules as they stand and those in the FSB’s work plan still to come.  However, the methodology proposed by the FSB could have broader application as other regulatory bodies undertake cumulative-impact assessments of the current regime and on actions in specific countries now aimed at revising application of the international standards regardless of their status in the global framework.

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