President Presses Crypto, CBDC Buttons
We will shortly provide clients with an in-depth analysis of President Biden’s executive order setting the stage for substantive U.S. action across the digital-asset sector.  We note at the outset that, according to the fact sheet, the order comes as close to demanding a CBDC as the President’s authority over the Fed and Secretary Yellen’s reservations doubtless allowed.  The Fed is told to “place urgency” on its research, a demand likely to motivate the Fed to accelerate the very leisurely pace towards some sort of CBDC decision described in last month’s discussion draft (see FSM Report CBDC10).

Long-Awaited LIBOR-Certainty Bill Set for Enactment
Sen. John Tester (D-MN) today to ABA indicated that the Senate version of House-passed LIBOR-transition legislation is in the omnibus spending bill set to pass by the end of this week in order to keep the government open.

CFPB Targets Employer Financial Products, Data
The CFPB today detailed its agenda following meetings on the extent to which U.S. workers are placed at financial risk by their employers.