HFSC Preparing Sanctions-Evasion Review
We have reviewed HFSC’s committee memorandum for tomorrow’s hearing on sanctions evasion, which lays out various sanctions-evasion schemes and includes several draft bills for consideration. All of these are preliminary governmental responses focused on studies and structure, not causes or direct remedies.

DIF Premiums Remain As Is
Although the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) slipped to 1.25 percent at the end of March, the FDIC nonetheless decided today not to increase premiums to speed restoration to the statutory 1.35 minimum.

FinTech Task Force: Privacy, Inclusion Essential for CBDC Success
Although Chairwoman Waters (D-CA) made it clear that the HFSC Fintech Task Force hearing today is an initial foray into HFSC’s CBDC and digital-dollar work, Task Force Members used the session not only to engage in fact-finding, but also to detail in general terms the criteria they believe essential to a successful CBDC.