ECB Targets Bank Risk to NBFIs

A speech earlier today from the ECB’s top bank supervisor makes it clear that the EU is pressing ahead with FSOC’s proposed limits on bank inter-connections with NBFIs (see FSM Report SYSTEMIC95).  Karen Petrou’s memo today also addresses this issue.

New M&A Policy Sets High Bar For Banking-Agency Approval, Increases Odds Of DOJ Rejection

Making M&A a good deal harder to pull off, Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter today redefined U.S. bank-merger policy in light of comments on a recent RFI (see FSM Report MERGER10) and dramatic changes since current policy was set in 1995.  The new approach reflects Biden Administration competition policy (see Client Report MERGER6) and will make it considerably more difficult for banks of all sizes to win DOJ approval if the banking agencies approve their proposed transaction after getting a new, likely more dire competitive-factor report from the Department of Justice.

FRB-KC: Community Banks Better Capitalized than GSIBs

The Kansas City Fed today released an analysis of 2022 bank capital, finding that community banks continued to hold higher levels of capital compared to G-SIBS: ten percent to six percent, respectively.  The study also found that G-SIB supplementary leverage ratios (SLR) increased thirty basis points to 5.94 percent, the first increase since the beginning of the pandemic, excluding the impact of the Fed’s temporary capital relief.