Bowman Unbending in Demands for Better Reg Analytics, Community-Bank Mergers

In what might have been only perfunctory introductory remarks, FRB Gov. Bowman today instead continued her all-out campaign to force far more independent research before the Fed finalizes pending rules.

Brown Asks for No Wells Fargo Mercy

Senate Banking Chairman Brown (D-OH) today sent a letter to FRB Vice Chair Barr and OCC Acting Comptroller Hsu taking serious issue with what he calls unfair labor relations practices, consumer abuses, and compliance failures at Wells Fargo, urging the regulators to take stronger action to change the bank’s culture.

McKernan Counters Gruenberg on Endgame’s Nonbank Effects

Fleshing out official comments made in dissent against pending rules, FDIC Board member Jonathan McKernan today countered Chair Gruenberg’s recent comments that any migration of bank activities to nonbanks due to the capital rules should not be considered in the regulatory process.

Gruenberg Reiterates His Top Risk Worries

As with Gov. Bowman earlier today, FDIC Chair Gruenberg used his remarks later in the day to emphasize continuing concerns: in this case, uninsured deposits, maturity mismatches, and rapid growth.