FBO Sanctions Update
Sens. Cotton (R-AR), Rubio (R-Fl) and eleven GOP colleagues have introduced S. 3318, legislation pressing the U.S. to deny foreign financial institutions access to the U.S. financial system if they provide “Palestinian martyr” payments.

Chopra Slams “Banking Cartel” as CFPB Sets LIBOR Standards
The CFPB today issued its final LIBOR-transition rule, with Director Chopra’s accompanying statement emphasizing that this rule will now prevent the “banking cartel” from again illegally setting disadvantageous consumer interest rates.

CFPB Accepting Additional Bigtech Inquiry Comments
The CFPB today reopened the comment period on its bigtech inquiry, now accepting comment until December 21. As we noted when the comment period opened, the Bureau then provided a very short comment window because Director Chopra said that the Bureau must move quickly due to the initiative’s importance.

Warren Readies Anti-Powell Attack
Sen. Warren (D-MA) today released a letter making it clear that she will strongly oppose Chairman Powell when his confirmation comes before the Senate Banking Committee.

FSB: Persistent Gaps Challenge Resolution Regimes
The FSB today updated progress on implementing its key attributes of effective resolution regimes, reporting significant advances at GSIBs despite gaps at smaller banks, insurance companies, and CCPs.

HFSC Dems: Investment Firms Must Increase Diversity
Ahead of a hearing Thursday sure to be critical of large financial companies, a new HFSC majority staff report on diversity and inclusion looks at large investment firms (including those owned by banks) and finds little progress.