American Banker/FedFin April 2013 Analytical Landscape of Potential Legislation to Prevent “Too Big to Fail” Prepared for the Opinion-Leader Forum

FedFin February 2013 Assessment of the Most Recent U.S. and International Developments Contributing to the Collapse in All of the Work on Post-Crisis Reforms

FedFin October 2012 Assessment of the U.S. Resolution Regime for Systemically-Important Financial Institutions: Are U.S. SIFIs Still TBTF?

October 2012 White Paper on Operational Impediments to Effective Financial Regulation

FedFin October 2012 Survey of the Strategic Regulatory Landscape: Regulatory Intent versus Policy and Market Risk in the Financial-Services Industry

FedFin August 2012 Study on Basel’s Burst Bubble: How Basel Has Broken Apart and What Should Now Be Done to Fix Bank Regulation

FedFin May 2012 White Paper on Credit Risk Insurance: A Business Model at a Regulatory Precipice

FedFin November 2011 White Paper on Complexity Risk: The New Challenge to Global Financial Recovery and Ways to Reduce It

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