September 8, 2015: FedFin Policy Brief: The Financial Stability Impact of Negative Rates

August 6, 2015: FedFin Study on the Direct and Indirect Costs of Systemic Regulation for Non-GSIB BHCs

August 4, 2015: FedFin Study: Unintended Impact of Limits on Custody-Bank Capacity to Accept Cash Deposits

July 21, 2015: Karen Petrou on Dodd-Frank after five years: It’s not the law, it’s the leadership

April, 2015: Federal Financial Analytics has released a white paper assessing the cumulative impact of the post-crisis regulatory framework and finding an array of emerging systemic risks

January 6, 2015: Updated 2015 Roadmap: Make-or-Break U.S./Global Policy Actions

September, 2014: An Inventory of Recent FedFin Proprietary, Pro Bono, and Thought-Leadership Work

September, 2014: FedFin Assessment of Future Systemic Standards for U.S. Asset Management

July 30, 2014: Federal Financial Analytics has released the findings of a quantitative study of the costs borne by the six largest U.S. banking organizations as a result of the financial crisis

April, 2014: Updated Recommendations to ensure that BHC/national-bank boards meet FRB, OCC requirements for qualitative reputational, strategic, and compliance risk key to passing CCAR

May, 2014: In-depth analysis of the rapid transformation of traditional banking into a business where non-banks compete with significant regulatory advantage, laying out strategic-planning decisions, opportunities, risks and policy consequences

March, 2014 FedFin Analysis: Revival of Geopolitical Risk and Urgent Risk-Mitigation Strategies, Regulatory Rewrites

February 18, 2014: FedFin Comment Letter and Analysis of the FDIC’s Single-Point-of-Entry Resolution protocol

January 2, 2014: FedFin In-depth Analysis of How FRB In Future Will Support Financial Markets Under Systemic Stress

October, 2013: FedFin Comment Letter to Basel Urging New Approach to Making Rules Not Just Simple, But Also Meaningful

September, 2013: FedFin White Paper Proposing New Paradigm for Consumer Financial-Protection Regulation

December, 2014: FedFin 2015 Roadmap: Key U.S. and Global Policy Actions

Client Advisory on How to Comply with FRB Requirement for Reputational, Strategic, Compliance Stress Tests to Pass Capital-Plan Rules

Analysis of Latest U.S./Global Capital Action