Continuing Agency Changes That Move the Markets

Don’t ask me how we arrived at the last week of October already, but here we are barreling toward Halloween and changing the clocks Sunday morning and moving from abbreviations like EDT and PDT to EST and PST. Winter is on the way and WalletHub, yet another company with another letter capitalized in the middle of it, conducted an in-depth analysis of 2015’s most and least energy efficient states, comparing the efficiency of car and home-energy consumptions. The top ten most energy-efficient states include New York, Vermont, and Minnesota, and the least energy-efficient states include Virginia, Georgia, West Virginia, North Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky. I mentioned these findings to my cat Myrtle who made a joke – in poor taste – about certain states still using coal to cook… Karen Shaw Petrou recently scribed an opinion piece to her Federal Financial Analytics clients on why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac remain frightening. “Fannie Mae told mortgage bankers that it’s now a ‘holder and mover’ – not a warehouse – of mortgage credit risk. Freddie has previously described itself as a ‘buyer and seller,’ also taking itself out of the GSEs’ bread-and-butter guarantee business.