Fed Ramps Up Worries, Outlines Preferred MMF Option

Late yesterday, the Federal Reserve released its most recent financial-stability report.  As in its predecessor earlier this year (see Client Report SYSTEMIC91), this report takes a cautious view, counting on continuing bank resilience to counteract old worries, such as asset-price bubbles, along with containing at least some new fears.  These now include meme-driven equity market volatility, Chinese leveraged debt, and emerging-market fragility.  In this report, we assess the policy implications of the Fed’s findings without going into detail on data or methodology.  Surprisingly, in light of the recent FSOC report (see Client Report GREEN11), climate risk is now less of a high-profile Fed systemic concern, with the Board saying its planned actions are “broadly aligned” with FSOC recommendations.  Perhaps the most concrete remedy outlined in the report pertains to MMF resilience, with the Fed reiterating its preference for some form of swing pricing, minimum balances at risk, and/or capital buffers.